Victor joined the finished goods production team at Pittards in October 2020 as part of a five year training course at Les Compagnons du Devoir in France. The course involves working with leather in the manufacture of bags, purses, wallets, luggage, belts and watch straps and requires manual skill, creativity and thoroughness from students. Most pupils choose to accept placements in the country they are studying but Victor wanted to gain additional life experience while studying and subsequently made the decision to head across the channel and spend almost nine months with the team at Pittards honing his leatherwork skills and completing a detailed piece of leather work that any craftsman would be proud of. The project is estimated to have taken around 500 hours of intricate leatherwork and the results are truly outstanding.


Having studied medicine for a year prior to diving into the world of leather craft, Victor felt inspired to produce something that reflected his time in the field and opted for a detailed, leather covered skeleton. Every stitch has been carefully sewn by hand and Pittards’ Production & Development Coordinator Gosia Makulec agrees that the precision in the stitching and the skill involved in molding the leather to the cast is second to none.

After dipping his toe in a number of potential careers including medicine and literature, Victor has found a real love for the world of leather – the hands on nature of manipulating a raw material into something beautiful to last a lifetime, the relaxed ambience of working around other people sharing his passion in the craft. Ultimately, Victor’s dream after completing his studies is to own his own leathergoods business where he can sell his handmade products direct to consumers who appreciate the timeless quality of leather.