Pittards is proud of the long lasting comfort benefits of its leather technology, but what happens when a pair of shoes is literally left on the shelf for years?

A customer contacted us because he had come across a pair of ‘new in box’ golf shoes with a Pittards leather hang tag. We were able to date the pair at around 1995 and were happy to reassure him that the leather should still be good to go.

f only everything were as reliable as Pittards leather… After a few rounds the sole unit, which had not aged as well began to crack, rendering the shoes unwearable.

Undeterred, our keen golfer sought out a repairer thinking that at least he could get a new sole attached and repurpose the leather uppers as everyday shoes. To his surprise he was able to find someone who had golf spikes available and is once again able to wear his new ‘old’ shoes.

This is such a shining example of how leather as a material can help us do more with less. Providing lasting individual comfort, being repairable and with the facility to be repurposed it can part of the long term solution to reducing our personal environmental impact.

No reports yet on whether the leather has similarly reduced the customers golf score …