Our commitment to product innovation means that Pittards has long been a leader in the elimination of sensitive and environmentally persistent  chemicals, such as Azo dyestuffs. We set the benchmark with its PFC (poly-fluorinated chemicals) free WR100 water resistant technology for the outdoor market ahead of the textile industry.

Longevity of purpose is recognised as being central to creating sustainable products and our technical leathers are engineered with their benefits, such as water resistance, fire retardant and grip enhancement permanently tanned-in requiring no further resources to maintain their durable performance.

Combustion of fuel and operation of facilities (kg CO2e)1,467,3961,186,397     1,522,095 
Electricity, heat, steam, and cooling purchase for own use (kg CO2e)625,721539,560         760,499 
Total gross emissions (kg CO2e)2,093,1181,725,957     2,282,594 
Energy consumption in kWh used to calculate above emissions10,929,2858,713,434   11,193,154 
Intensity measure of kg of CO2e gross emissions per m2 leather manufactured1.592.092.15


The WR100 protective process that is at the heart of all Pittards technology helps keep leather soft, extending comfort and usable product life.

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