Yeovil Town Football club has announced that it is delighted to welcome Pittards – ‘the original Glovers’, as its back of back of shirt & sleeve sponsor.

The connection between Pittards and the club goes back a long way, with Charles Wreford Pittard, playing in goal for Yeovil Casuals in 1896, a previous guise of Yeovil Town.

As part of the new kit launch, Josh Staunton visited Pittards and was taught some of the techniques used  to create our high performance leathers.

Mark Robinson, commercial manager of Yeovil Town said; “Pittards are a worldwide name, as Somerset’s premier football club, we are honoured to be building a partnership with such a prestigious local organisation, with generations of employees associated with the local area and fans of Yeovil Town Football Club.

Our aspiration is to forge a strong relationship and connection between Yeovil Town and Pittards. One that both organisations and their staff are proud to not only be associated with, but importantly feel a strong part of its fabric from the factory in Yeovil across to impacting the lives of their staff in their factories in Ethiopia

Reg Hankey, CEO of Pittards commented, “Pittards has been part of Yeovil since 1826, first as manufacturer for the glove trade, now as a maker of high performance leathers that are exported to major sporting brands around the world.

The reason that so many international companies want to use leather made in Yeovil? It’s down to innovation and the passion of our people – much like following football. Generations of the same families from have been involved in the Pittards ‘team’ through the years and now as we approach our 200th anniversary it seems only natural that the ‘glovers’ come together with the ‘Glovers’ both on and off the pitch.”

To celebrate the partnership, Yeovil Town has donated unused kit to the Saris Addis Sefir, a football team in Ethiopia.

Tsedenia Mekbib, MD Pittards Ethiopia added; “Having support from YTFC means a great deal to Saris Addis Sefir football team. This young team has a great potential and is filled with a huge determination. The support of YTFC only adds to their motivation and they are very grateful to the ongoing commitment from Pittards who have seen them develop and grow over the past four years.”