Leather manufacturing for gloves and footwear, finished product manufacturing gloves, apparel, footwear.

Pittards commenced working with Ethiopia Tannery Share Company in 2005, taking full ownership in 2011.Since that time the business has extended beyond leather making to include finished products that include gloves, footwear and apparel for its own NTOTO label and third parties.

Our work in Ethiopia goes beyond the workplace and deep into the community through our projects supporting the local school and youth sport, medical help, reforestation and collaboration with local charities to help the disadvantaged into work.

Leather Manufacturing

Leather is made for own NTOTO brand as well as being shipped to brands worldwide, making the Ethiopia division not only an important local supplier, but a leading exporter for the country too.

The commitment and training of the UK technical team has played a crucial role in the development of expertise and knowledge in Ethiopia and the link to the UK intellectual hub ensures best practice in manufacturing and technical development.

Gloves Manufacturing

Modern glove facilities in Addis Ababa have versatile capability that allows manufacturing to pivot between work style gloves and fine dress gloves. Control over the leather supply chain as well as the final product gives a competitive advantage to brands looking to source from the region

Footwear Manufacturing

Pittards Footwear Services in the UK partners with manufacturing in Ethiopia to provide brands with to design and development support that can combine with access to manufacturing in Ethiopia. The dedicated footwear line in Addis Ababa makes for both the local market and third-party brands.

Apparel Manufacturing

The product of fine glove leather lends itself to the creation of soft leather jackets. Much sought after in the local market, the experience that goes into the NTOTO apparel collection can be leveraged into third party production; with the same supply chain advantages of gloves and footwear.