Perfomance Leather

Pittards performance technologies are versatile across a wide range of sectors including sports, military and services, automotive and transit interiors, outdoor performance and value-added lifestyle.


Versatile abrasion resistance for long-lasting comfort

The fibril bundles in the structure leather are encased by microscopic ceramic ‘armor plates’. This creates leathers that provide more abrasion resistance and durability against wear on contact surfaces.

Armor-Tan can be combined with other technologies to offer multiple performance benefits, such as WR100X for water and perspiration resistance or our digital surface pattern for superior grip in sporting goods applications.

Pittards expertise in leather engineering ensures that the natural feel and fit characteristics of the leather are maintained, and the technology can be used with either hairsheep or goat raw material.


Custom Image Generation, camouflage leather

Originally engineered for military needs, Pittards Custom Image Generation (CIG) delivers the permanent application of designs onto leathers.This has enabled the creation of specific camouflage patterns for differing fields of operation as well as designs suited to the hunting market where it is used in conjunction with WR100X and Armortan technology for full-benefit performance.

The use of pop brights and non-traditional shades makes this an exciting option for footwear and glove designers in the fashion sector.

Firebloc II

An advance in fire retardant leather

Firebloc II builds on the success of previous fire retardant treatments, using advanced polymer chemistry to penetrate deeper into the fibre structure to deliver more effective resistance and to inhibit the spread of fire for longer.

This revolutionary treatment not only improves the fire retardant qualities of the leather, it does so without any impact on the characteristics of the original leather.

Firebloc II can also be combined with complementary Pittards technologies such as CIG camouflage leathers or enhanced grip textures and can be used on thinner leathers (performs to EN 407 6.3 down to 0.65mm)

Additional benefits of Firebloc II are water, oil and stain resistance, making it versatile across a range of end uses.


EN 407.63 (from 0.65mm substance)

ASTM D64213 (FM5903)

FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (i) 60 seconds

FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (ii) 12 seconds

Pittards Explorer Firebloc™ leather has been engineered specifically for the management of heat and fire resistance where the highest level of performance is required for the rail sector.

Futura II

Stain resistant technology

Pittards Futura II takes fashion leathers to a performance level by improving their stain resistance. They stand firm against everyday hazards such as food grease, hair product and face creams as well as providing excellent resistance to alcohol-based staining from wine and spirits.

Our WR100X technology is also incorporated to protect leather from the damaging, drying effects of water and perspiration, so Futura II ensures luxury gloves and clothing retain their beauty and supple quality over time.


Enhanced grip technology.

Pittards Gripster enhances grip to provide performance benefits in sporting and functional gloves without losing any of the softness or natural feel of the original leather.

A microscopic incorporation of grip-enhancing material into the surface of the leather delivers superior grip fresh from the box. But it’s during use that the technology really excels. Traditional leathers become more slippery as the wearer’s hand perspires, but not Gripster. The unique process causes the structure to soften, increasing surface area and consequently improving grip.

Gripster is available across a range of substances.


Advanced abrasion resistance, retained flexibility.

Pittards Keratan is a unique treatment designed to significantly increase the abrasion protection and durability of Pittards performance goatskin leathers.

Keratan is water resistant and can be combined with Firebloc II for additional fire retardant performance and its long, effective life combined with functional performance and comfort make it ideally suited to a range of applications, including motorcycle gloves and clothing.

The key to Pittards’ Keratan ™ technology lies in its unique ‘etched diamond’ surface treatment. Bonded to the leather’s fibre structure, the patterned surface allows the leather to retain flexibility and comfort while offering maximum abrasion resistance


Anti-microbial protection

Pittards Microspike process prevents the build up of microbes on leather and helps prevent odours, discolouration and deterioration of the fibre structure.The anti-microbial technology is permanently bonded to the leather so that its benefits remain even after wear and washing.

Microspike leather is also protected by WR100X water and perspiration resistant technology so that it stays soft and comfortable even after wear.

Oil Tac

All-conditions grip enhancement.

Originally created for Football Receiver gloves, Pittards Oil Tac enhances the grip of leather gloves in all conditions, wet or dry. Special polymers that promote contact adhesion are incorporated into the leather structure. Once there, the polymers maintain a reservoir, which rises to the surface as needed to ensure long-lasting performance.

The inclusion of WR100X tannage offers a high degree of water and perspiration resistance – protecting the leather and minimising water uptake. This guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity under the most adverse conditions.

Available on hairsheep and goat leathers, the degree of tackiness can be varied for end use – such as American football, hunting, mountaineering, racquetball or military.


Chemical resistant leather for a demanding work place.

Pittards Parados technology leather repels many liquid chemicals, preventing penetration and providing a greater level of safety against chemical splashes or hand-skin contact with potentially hazardous liquids.

The technology also delivers a high resistance to oil, petrol and diesel, reducing the risk of absorption of flammable materials and oil-based staining.

Pittards Parados is water resistant, and the process does not affect the natural breathability of the individual leather, ensuring in-wear comfort. Suitable for motor industry, military, firefighter and high-tech industrial gloves.


A new anti-bacterial performance leather that kills 99.9% of bacteria*

TRI PROTEX™ incorporates three distinctive ant-microbial technologies, MICROSPIKE™ MICRODEFENCE™and Micro-fresh® in order to engineer protection and the elimination of microbials throughout the structure of the leather.

  • Pittards TRI PROTEX is permanently tanned in to provide lifetime product benefits
  • Low maintenance, low impact – no further resources are required to maintain performance
  • Compatible with other Pittards leather technologies, allowing the creation of bespoke product solutions

* Conforms to AATC100, a quantitative test that uses a 24-hour incubation of Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae, after which microbial concentrations are counted. (ISO 20743:2013, the determination of antibacterial activity of textile products and JIS L 1902, anti-microbial fabric test are considered similar methods)


Combining long-lasting quality with lifestyle aesthetics.

Upholstery leathers from Pittards are available in a wide range of colours and engineered to resist water, oil and stains while providing the advanced flame retardant properties required by the sector – without any change to the comfort and appeal of natural leather.

Thanks to the reliability of the Pittards tanning process, all the Interiors performance benefits are permanently bonded within the leather structure so that it retains its look, feel and effectiveness throughout the life of the leather.

  • Natural aesthetic product available in a range of colours
  • Outstanding water and stain resistance
  • Exceeds burn test requirements
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Long and effective cycle
  • Consistent quality and supply

Pittards upholstery leathers are specified for aviation, automotive, mass transit and furniture.

WR100 & WR100X

Tanned-in, durable water resistance.

Pittards WR100 & WR100 X technology is tanned into the leather so its in-wear benefits will not wash or wear off like a surface treatment. The process, which bonds with and protects the fibres without affecting the natural breathability means that all Pittards sports leathers are water resistant, sweat resistant and highly breathable while drying quickly and remaining supple.

Gloves made from Pittards WR100X leathers retain exceptional tactile sensitivity, comfort and extended softness in sporting, military and dress glove applications.

Used in footwear, WR100 provides a high level of water resistance and low water uptake, ensuring protection, comfort and an easy-care advantage. This makes it especially suited to the performance outdoor category as well as offering a technical differentiation to everyday and casual footwear.

The protective benefits of WR100 and WR100X need no further treatment or ‘top up’ reducing the life time impact of the end product.