A Gentleman’s Guide to Moustache Maintenance

Whether your Handlebars, Chevron or pencil thin, for Movember or for fashion, there’s a trick to maintaining a mighty moustache.

A well-groomed moustache takes time and care. Do it right, it can be nothing less than a work of art. Here are a few humble tips from us to help you on your way to maintaining a moustache fit for a gentleman.

  1. Keep on top.

It’s all about timing. In the early stages, the easiest way to stay on top is with beard trimmers. As time goes on, swap for a pair of facial hair scissors and begin to use a moustache comb with a little wax.

  1. Use the right products.

Washing, moisturizing and waxing is essential to maintaining your moustache. We’d recommend Murdock London for quality products that will help you achieve the best results.

  1. Combing is key.

Warm Murdock London Moustache Wax between your thumb and forefinger until soft and gently run through your moustache, from the middle outwards and comb through with a moustache comb.

  1. Wash and moisturize.

Gently wash your moustache with a beard shampoo before rinsing and gently moisturizing under the hair using the tips of your fingers to avoid beard dandruff. For a desired shiny look, apply a small amount of beard oil.

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