Everyday Extraordinary Collection

Your phone alarm goes off. Today’s a big day. Back to back meetings in the office, followed by a client dinner and a drinks reception at a hotel in the city. Getting ready is a breeze –you’ve already packed your Overnight Bag and you’re ready to seize the day. Bag in hand you catch the tube into the city. Navigating the station is effortless –you pull out your Double Card Case and tap your Oyster, and then ascend the escalator to the streets above. Welcome to Everyday Extraordinary.

Amid the routine and hustle and bustle, it’s the day-to-day items that have the potential to make our day that little bit more extraordinary. Whether it’s those finer details. Added practicality. Or the craft and consideration that has gone into their design.

Introducing the Pittards Everyday Extraordinary Collection –a unique range of everyday products that cater for the modern gentleman. Featuring the Overnight Bag, Canvas Backpack, Large Pouch, Double Card Case, Traveler’s Journal, Military Wet Pack, and Overnight Watch Roll. Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, they bring an element of extraordinary to the day-to-day.

Handmade in the heart of England, with robust materials including authentic British leather and Ventile® weatherproof cotton, this range is made to be used. Ready for adventure, be it work, play or weekends away, items within the collection only improve with age. So wherever you’re heading, and whatever the day may hold, make it everyday extraordinary.

Discover the collection here.