End of Term Celebrations at Ejersa School

On July 6th 2014, the Ejersa school in Ethiopia which is located near to the Pittards ETSC tannery, held their annual celebration day where all parents and families of the pupils came together to celebrate the end of the school year and to commend the achievements of outstanding students. Students were judged on their academic performance throughout the school year by their teachers across all subjects. In addition to the annual Best Female Student award, this year, a 1000 Birr award was also granted to the Best Male Student and the Most Talented Student by Pittards Finance Director Jill Williams and General Manager at ETSC Jason Perry respectively. The Best Female Student award was presented by Jemal Aliyu, compound and security chief at ETSC and went to Decha Sida aged 13. The Best Male Student award was presented to 15 year old Mesqele Dhugo by the head of general services division Ejeta Woyessa and 14 year old Telila Waqkene was presented with the award for Most Talented Student by Hirpho Qumbi, chairman of the committee for parents, teachers and students union. All three deserving students decided to spend their prize fund on new outfits for the summer. The event provides a fantastic opportunity for the local community to come together for a day of celebration and recognition of what the children have achieved during the school year.