Resources Yeovil

Continuous Improvement

Pittards employs a system of continuous improvement in reduction of waste and stringent control of materials, energy and water.

We manage our own effluent in both the UK and Ethiopia and are able in both divisions to reduce our reliance on means water from natural supply. In the UK we are able to then return cleaner water to the town system.

Left: Pittards HQ in Yeovil, Somerset, UK.


Longevity of Purpose

Longevity of purpose is recognised as being central to creating sustainable products and our innovations in performance leathers are engineered with permanently tanned-in benefits, they will require little in the way of further resources to maintain them through the life of the product, moreover the WR100 protective process that is at the heart of Pittards technology keeps the leather soft and more comfortable, extending its usable life.

Right: Pittards WR100 water resistant technology is tanned through the leather structure to last the life of the product.

Pittards Glove Manufacturing

Vertical Solutions

Pittards owns and runs glove, apparel and footwear manufacturing plant in Ethiopia together with bags and leathergoods making capability in the UK. Uniquely we are able to offer vertically integrated solutions from leather to end product, maximising efficiencies, optimising resources and minimising the manufacturing footprint.

Pittards finished product manufacturing works with a design and development strategy that specifies the further utilisation of left-over pattern pieces into product, minimising waste and adding value.

Left: Pittards zero-waste glove manufacturing.

Mango Tree. Pittards


As part of a Government reforestation initiative in Ethiopia, Pittards staff planted 7,500 trees. These were in addition to the 1,000 planted to celebrate the Ethiopian millennium, which are now providing mangoes and coffee in the grounds of our tannery – also home to some 45 beehives.

Right: Mango trees in the grounds of Pittards Ethiopia tannery.