WR100 & WR100X Water Resistant Leather


WR100X™ Water Resistant Leather


Pittards WR100X technology imparts impressive levels of water and perspiration resistance to gloving, footwear and leather goods for extended comfort and long-lasting flexibility.

The WR100X tanning process permanently protects the leather fibres, both limiting its water uptake and helping reduce damage from perspiration. It does this without blocking the structure so each leather maintains its natural breathability.

WR100X delivers tactile sensitivity, exceptional comfort and extended softness in sporting, military and dress glove applications. Used in footwear, it provides a high level of water resistance and low water uptake, ensuring protection, comfort and an easy-care advantage. This makes it especially suited to the performance outdoor category as well as offering a technical differentiation to everyday and casual footwear.

WR100X can be engineered into bovine and sheepskin. It can also be combined with other Pittards technologies, such as Armortan, to provide outstanding benefits across a range of performance applications. Best of all, because WR100X is permanent, it retains its benefits for the life of the end product.