Tri Protex anti-bacterial leather

Tri Protex

TRI PROTEX™ Anti bacterial Leather

Pittards TRI PROTEX™ is a new anti-bacterial performance leather that kills 99.9% of bacteria*

TRI PROTEX™ incorporates three distinctive ant-microbial technologies, MICROSPIKE™ MICRODEFENCE™and Micro-fresh® in order to engineer protection and the elimination of microbials throughout the structure of the leather.

  • Pittards TRI PROTEX is permanently tanned in to provide lifetime product benefits
  • Low maintenance, low impact – no further resources are required to maintain performance 
  • Compatible with other Pittards leather technologies, allowing the creation of bespoke product solutions

*Conforms to AATC100, a quantitative test that uses a 24-hour incubation of Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae, after which microbial concentrations are counted. (ISO 20743:2013, the determination of antibacterial activity of textile products and JIS L 1902, anti-microbial fabric test are considered similar methods)